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Byton offers window into China's EV craze

China has emerged as a global incubator for next-generation electrified driving and as a potent Silicon Valley rival. Some call it a boom, others a bubble. To understand the China EV craze, look no further than Byton.

Toledo, Ohio -- Jeep's hometown -- puts on a show

More than 1,600 Jeeps of every size, stripe and flavor filled the streets of Toledo, Ohio, Aug. 10 to Aug. 12 for the city's second Jeep Fest -- a celebration of the town's long love affair with its most famous local product.

Sale prices on used vehicles stronger than expected

Increasing demand for used vehicles, concern over potential tariffs and tightening supplies are causing used-vehicle prices to strengthen instead of taking their normal summer dip.

Hyundai's N performance line starts fast, boding well for Veloster

Encouraged by the promising start of its performance line in a demanding European market, Hyundai hopes its upcoming Veloster N sports car can raise its perception among U.S. buyers.

EPA concerns may fuel legal challenges to Trump's CAFE rollback

A document detailing EPA staff concerns provides fodder for legal challenges to the Trump administration's proposal to roll back federal fuel economy standards.