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Plan for 2021 NADA Show, but be ready to change course

The National Automobile Dealers Association is smart to plan for its 2021 trade show in New Orleans, but safety is paramount and it should be prepared to adjust goals if the pandemic does not abate.

Industry still driving toward mobility

When it's possible to transform the industry into a mobility services market, automakers and dealers may want to consider integrating some of these practices into their business models.

Simulated tests bypass virus roadblock

Automated-technology developers have been using simulation and virtual testing throughout COVID-19, but for some, simulations just aren't the same as the real thing.

Rosenberg fails to block store sales again

A Massachusetts judge has denied David Rosenberg's injunction seeking to block the sale of certain Prime Automotive Group dealerships and restore him as dealer principal of them.

Tech tie-ups driving auto companies to innovate

The PACEpilot virtual event series concludes with a discussion of why business model innovation is critical for the industry's survival and requires traditional auto companies and tech companies to collaborate.