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Rural communities vie for mobility grants

The U.S. Department of Transportation will award as much as $60 million in grants this spring to communities seeking to demonstrate automated-driving systems. The applicants include a number of smaller communities.

Luxury dealers reversing course on used

Heightened price competition and dwindling new car sales have luxury dealers turning to the used car market where there's new financial opportunity.

Carvana encounters same hurdle as dealers

In Carvana's most recent quarterly earnings call, CEO Ernie Garcia said the company more than tripled its customer-sourced car volume in 2018, but still lags behind the industry leader.

Why China's EV makers will let subsidies die

When it comes to EV development, Chinese brands have a powerful motive that their foreign rivals do not.

Velodyne rethinks Alpha Puck factory

Velodyne Lidar's Alpha Puck has surpassed other available lidar systems, based on three parameters — field of view, resolution and range -- said Senior Vice President Mircea Gradu.