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Some Bolt owners done waiting for fixes

GM, which is buying back some of the EVs, plans to start replacing defective battery cells in October.

Auto sales and auto shows collapse as hell is loosed

Like Motor Bella in suburban Detroit, the industry in 2021 had its second-half hopes crushed by forces it could not control.

The latest numbers on the microchip shortage: Loss projection passes 10M

The bulk of vehicles recently taken off production schedules were in the Asia-Pacific and North American regions.

Relearn how to convert new-car shoppers to used buyers

Sales personnel can and should promote what's in stock, even when those vehicles are used and the shopper is typically a new-car buyer, experts say. This fosters skills that the industry has allowed to atrophy.

Manley expected to ensure stability at AutoNation

His experience in dealership showrooms and automaker boardrooms should help him lead the expanding retailer's empire.

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