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McLaren gets in early on hybrid-supercar action

For the automaker and its retailers in the United States, the addition of the Artura plug-in hybrid is more than just a new supercar with a list of impressive performance specs.

Veoneer taps into military infrared tech

Veoneer has put its fourth-generation thermal-sensing technology into the market with greater resolution and a wider field of view.

A return to tradition in Honda's new CEO

With the selection of Toshihiro Mibe as CEO last week, the company has returned to its tradition of promoting its R&D chief to lead. It's a tradition that fits the current industry outlook.

The ad that has dealers fighting mad

Franchised auto dealers who run on integrity have plenty of reasons to be ticked off. New York dealer Brian Benstock says it's time to fight back.

How to manage a downturn? Clues are in the data

Data can help us understand how and when certain economic indicators might trigger movement in the industry. It'll help us plan and prepare well in advance, and importantly, allow us to find opportunity for quicker recoveries once the downturns hit.